Pixie Braid Extensions

Small box braids that are bigger than micro braids with burnt ends.

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Yarn Braid Extensions

Box braids created by using yarn instead of braiding hair. 

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Feed-in Braid Extensions

Also known as lemonade braids, Feed-in braids are created by using an advanced cornrow technique where you add extensions hair one piece at a time

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Cornrow Braid Extensions

Basic cornrow braids using synthetic hair fibers

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Did you know there are different styles that can be achieved with Island Braids Extensions? Our designs include different braid patterns, braid sizes, lengths, colors and techniques or a combination of them all. 

In addition to the many style options, Island Braids Extensions worn as a protective style to grow natural hair organically can be worn for up to 90 days with the proper maintenance. When you are trying to grow your hair the idea is to keep your hand, comb and hot tools out of it for as long as possible to avoid breakage. Its really important that you remove the braids and detangle with care.